Carman’s Shoe Repair has been in the business on Germantown Avenue since 1937.  Though many believe the old-fashioned cobbler has gone by the wayside, that’s not the case. Many people don’t realize all the different ways your local shoe repair shop can help you, so we’re here to let you know we do more than fix broken heels! Carman’s Shoe Repair can extend the life of your shoes, spare you discomfort when they’re not fitting properly and save you money in the long run. 

1. A shoe repair shop can extend the life of your shoes

If you take good care of fine leather shoes, they can last for decades.  As the soles and heels wear out, they can be replaced and the shoe’s upper can be reconditioned.  That means your shoes can look like new again and still retain that comfortable broken-in feel. Typically, a pair of quality men’s shoes can resoled 7 to 10 times, and quality women’s shoes can be resoled 3 to 5 times.

2. A shoe repair shop can keep shoes safe and comfortable.

Sandals can take a beating, especially when they’re your favorite pair.  As the original sole wears, it becomes smooth, which can reduce your traction on smooth and/or wet surfaces.  When heal tips wear down to the nail, not only can you damage your wood or ceramic floors, you can wind up with heels of different heights.  These leather sandals are given new life by replacing one worn and one missing heel tip and adding skid resistance to the bottom of the shoe.  Not only does that reduce the risk of slipping but also gives a little padding to absorb shock with each step.  This is a fairly simple and inexpensive process! 


3. A shoe repair shop can repair straps, cuts and tears!

If you have a broken strap on a sandal, or a broken eyelet on a lace up shoe, it’s not the end of the line. A shoe repair shop can skillfully replace broken hardware and make tricky repairs even on leather and suede goods.  Even stubborn stains can be removed.  But it’s important to leave stain removal to the professionals, especially on leather and suede.  For difficult stains, leather and suede can be recolored using custom mixed dyes.

  • Broken strap or eyelet
  • Repair gouged leather on heels
  • Restore red soles on designer shoes
  • Replace cork soles on Birkenstock sandals
  • Remove scuffs and stains, remove salt stains
  • Recondition vintage shoes


4. A shoe repair shop can adjust the fit of your shoes

It’s common for your two feet to be slightly different.  In some people, that difference is more pronounced, making finding a great fit “out of the box” more challenging.  Shoes that don’t fit quite right can lead to a variety of physical discomforts.  Besides the obvious aching feet, an improper fit can cause calluses, corns or bunions.  When you don’t walk properly due to ill-fitting shoes – or because you’re uncomfortable in your shoes – you can experience pain in your ankles, knees and even your hips.  

Did you know a shoe repair shop can make fit adjustments?

  • Stretch shoes to make them wider
  • Stretch shoes to make more room for toes or a high instep
  • Stretch boots for wider calves
  • Add heel grips, tongue and insole pads for shoes that are too loose
  • Make custom adaptions for unique feet

5.  We fix more than just shows!

We’re known for our expertise in leather and suede so our customers trust us with their bags, belts, luggage…even keepsake items.  We can repair stains and scratches in luggage and brief cases as well as handbags and wallets.  We also clean and refresh Coach signature fabric bags, repair or replace zipper pulls and more.

How much does shoe repair cost?

Well, it really depends on what you need done and what condition your shoe are in.  However, repairing and maintain your shoes costs only a fraction of having to buy a new pair.  Here are some general guidelines of our pricing at Carman’s Shoe and Leather Repair Shop in Chestnut Hill:

Our Reconditioning Packages start at $49

Our Coach Bag Cleaning starts at $36

Our Salt Stain removal starts at $24

Our Red Sole Renewal starts at $25

You don’t have to live in Philadelphia to work with us.  Ship us your shoes, drop them off at one of our participating locations or request our door-to-door service.   

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