louboutin red sole renewal chestnut hill philadelphiaCarman’s Shoes is a Red Sole Shoe Repair Shop in Philadelphia on Germantown Avenue

You know the look.  Luxury footwear brands such as Christian Louboutin, have an iconic red sole, popularly known as the sammy-red bottoms.  The red painted leather sole is stunning, instantly recognizable and unfortunately, very delicate.  After wearing just a few times, most women notice the red paint is scuffed.

How to keep your Christian Louboutin red soles looking new?

Sure, you can probably stop by the factory next time you’re in Paris, but Carman’s Shoe Repair in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia offers a few faster and much more economical ways of restoring your sammy-red bottoms.

Red Sole Paint Touch Up -$49

We have the perfectly matched red sole paint to touch up the bottoms of your shoes. 

Red Replacement Soles – $79

We stock the Red 1 mm Vibram rubber replacement soles, the thinnest of its kind.  Trimmed to fit just the ball area of the shoe, we adhere this ultra thin rubber sole over top of the existing sole. It will not interfere with the logo insignia area on the sole.  We typically extend this rubber sole slightly up on the outer sole for better adhesion, but we’ve had requests to make it invisible on the sides.  It’s possible to leave 2-3 mm from the edge, just let us know your preference.  We’ve also had requests to remove the Vibram logo from the thin sole.  We have done that by gently buffing it away and then retouching with the Red Paint with great results.  Again, just tell us which you prefer.

red sole restoration Chestnut Hill Philadelphia

Red Replacement Soles and New Heel Tips -$99

In addition to applying the Vibram red rubber soles, we can also replace your worn heel tips and touch up with red paint so that everything perfectly matches. 

Come to Carman’s Shoe Repair on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill

No matter which option you choose, we have some relatively inexpensive ways to keep your red soles looking like new.  If you don’t live near our shop on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, you have some alternatives.  If you can’t stop by, you can ship us your shoes or request Pickup/Delivery Service.  When shipping us your shoes, we ask that you notify us that they’re on the way so that we are watching for them.


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