Do you need to have something unique altered or fixed, other than a pair of shoes? Chances are, we can handle it. Carman’s Shoe and Leather Repair can repair just about anything made out of leather, from cowboy boots to handbags to sports gear. So go ahead and challenge us.

We can accommodate a wide variety of special repair requests and custom shoe modifications, including:

  • Fabric and leather dyeing
  • Deodorizing and refreshing fabric, leather, suede items
  • Heel height adjustments
  • Zipper repair or replacement
  • Strap replacement
  • Weather and stain protection
  • Orthopedic alterations

Fire and Smoke Damage

We can remove smoke odors and soot stains from many items, not just footwear.  We have experience working with insurance companies and can provide you with the necessary documentation for your claim.

Carman's Shoe Repair Shop Repairs:

Leather Items we repair include:

  • Handbags-replace zippers and straps with hand cut, custom dyed leather
  • Belts
  • Leather jackets
  • Cowboy boots
  • Baseball gloves
  • Golf shoes
  • Leather sneakers

Yes, we even repair leather sneakers:

We can replace the soles, replace or repair the mid soles, remove bad stains and recolor the leather.  The sneakers below were all repaired in our shop.

  • Mountain climbing shoes
  • Bowling shoes
  • Dance shoes
  • Gun holsters
  • Leather gloves
  • Luggage

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