Genuine Leather Shoes by SAS at Carman’s Shoe Repair in Chestnut Hill, PA

SAS (San Antonio Shoemakers) shoes are proudly handcrafted here in the USA. With a strong belief in keeping production in the US, SAS is able to preserve American jobs and promote patriotism, all while producing a fine, high-quality shoe.

We carry several different styles from the SAS Shoes Line

  • athletic, casual and dress shoes
  • medical, diabetic approved shoes
  • sandals and slip on shoes
  • slip resistant, walking shoes, work shoes

SAS Shoe Retailer for comfortable and stylish shoesWhere Comfort Begins.

Take a moment to think about the shoes you’re wearing right now. Up to this point, you probably haven’t given much thought as to where they were before they landed on your feet. If you happen to be wearing an SAS shoe, that one pair has had a whole host of experiences prior to leaving the factory and coming into your ownership. In fact, just one pair of our shoes can go through up to 100 different steps and assurances before they are declared SAS quality.

SAS has two operating factories: our original, established in 1976, at our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas and our Del Rio, Texas factory that opened its doors in 1985. While many shoe operations have looked overseas for inexpensive labor or materials, SAS sticks firmly to our founders’ vision of handcrafted, genuine leather shoes, proudly made here in the USA.

In order to create SAS shoes, the shoes that have come to be known as the “shoes you don’t want to take off at the end of the day,” there are 14 primary categories that take place in our factories like leather selection, die-making, cutting, lasting and more. Within those categories approximately 80 different skilled pairs of hands are carefully constructing and inspecting each shoe to make sure the SAS shoes you choose are the best made pair of footwear in your closet.

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