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Restore shoes and accessories after snow and salt exposure

Don't just pack up your winter shoes when the warm weather hits.  Make sure you take care of you leather and suede shoes and accessories so that when you pull them out next season, they'll look good as new.  If you see white stains like these, you could have water and salt staining.  The sooner you treat your shoes, the easier it will be to reverse the damage. 

Whether you have dress shoes, winter boots or even a winter coat and accessories, we have been cleaning and reconditioning leather and suede for our customers after each Philadelphia winter.  If you're not comfortable trying to remove white stains and water marks from your fine leather and suede at home, give us a call. 

We have your winter leather and suede recovery:

  • We polish and buff to remove the visible stains
  • If necessary, we can re-color the leather or suede with professional dyes. Sometimes light leather and suede will lose their color as the stain lifts off.
  • We waterproof to seal out future snow and salt

Snow & Salt Stain Removal Service ranges from $24 - $39

The cost of the service will depend on whether you have shoes or boots, the severity of the damage and the color.  Lighter shades of leather and suede may require an additional re-coloring process for which there would be an additional charge.  We will give you an estimate before we start.  Feel free to send us pictures of your items and ask for an estimate.

Drop off your shoes and boots at our shop, or mail them to us

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