Coach Bag Cleaning & Refurbishing Service

Your Winter White doesn't look white anymore?  If your Coach Bag is showing signs of wear and tear, it's time for a refresh.

  • Frayed or stained straps
  • Stains or worn fabric
  • Scratched leather or stained suede

Whether it's a leather Coach bag or the Signature C fabric with leather trim, it can most likely be cleaned, repaired and restored.  At Carman's Shoe Repair Shop in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, we have been cleaning and reconditioning Coach Bags for our customers for years.  If you're not comfortable trying to remove stains like makeup, food, ink or color transfer from denim at home, give us a call.

We can remove stains and scratches, repair broken straps and refresh the fabric inside and out.  And if your bag needs to be re-dyed, we have the liquid dyes that will do the trick.  Unlike spray dyes, liquid dyes can be mixed and matched to get the color exact and they're formulated to be gentle enough to use on leather.

  • We clean and refresh fabric Coach bags, remove stains from the bag and the strap, and re-dye the leather accents if needed.
  • We clean and refurbish leather Coach bags, remove scratches, refinish the leather with liquid dye to restore the color to like-new again.
  • If you have a matching wallet, bring it on in.  We can clean and refresh those too, and reattach or replace any missing leather zipper pulls.

Coach Bag Cleaning and Refurbishing Service

Our Coach Bag Service starts at $75 for handbags and will increase depending on the size, fabric, and complexity of the cleaning required.  Wallets and other accessories will be priced separately.  We'll give you a quote before we get started. Feel free to send us pictures and get our opinion, or call us to get a better idea of the pricing in advance.

Drop off your bag at our shop, or mail it to us.

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