Birkenstocks sell and repair Chestnut Hill Philadelphia

We sell and repair Birkenstocks at Carman’s Shoe Repair in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Birkenstock shoes represent the finest European craftsmanship and German materials.  If you break a strap on your sandals, or if your pair of corkbed sandals are so well-loved and lived in that they need a new sole, give them new life by getting them reconditioned or re-soled.  

We are an authorized repair shop for Birkenstock sandals

As an authorized retail and repair shop for Birkenstock sandals, we are one of very few places in Philadelphia that can recondition your favorite Arizona two strap cork bed and soft footbed, or any of the iconic Birkenstock sandals.

  • Clean and deodorize
  • Repair broken or worn straps
  • Remove stains from the suede
  • Repair or completely replace the cork footbed

We replace Birkenstocks foot beds & soles

We are certified by Birkenstocks to re-craft their sandals by replacing worn foot beds and soles and reconditioning your leather or suede straps, making any necessary repairs.  We remove the suede straps and replace the sole with a new foot bed and/or soles, which we buy directly from Birkenstocks. The total cost of the repair below was about $95, which is a great alternative to purchasing a new pair, especially if your favorite style is no longer available.

Please call the shop at (215) 247-7706 to get an estimate of the cost and see if we have your size soles in stock.  If not, we’ll order them.  When you are ready for the repair, you can drop off your Birkenstocks, arrange a pickup or box them up and mail them to us.  We’ll ship them back to you as soon as they are ready.


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